2023 Electric Vehicles Innovation Summit (EVIS) held at ADNEC

Gargash General Trading, a leading provider of energy solutions in the UAE, proudly participated in the highly anticipated 2023 Electric Vehicles Innovation Summit (EVIS) held at ADNEC from May 29th to 31st, 2023. The company’s prominent presence at the event included a comprehensive display of cutting-edge rapid charging products, advanced battery storage technology, and other sustainable energy solutions catering to diverse sectors.

As the exclusive distributor of EVESCO’s revolutionary EV charging and storage solutions, Gargash General Trading showcased a wide range of rapid EV charging options suitable for various applications across different industries. Among the highlights were the AC wall mounted charger, the dual charging station with a media screen, and the portable DC fast charger. These innovative solutions captured significant attention from attendees, surpassing all expectations and generating a substantial number of high-quality inquiries.

The event proved to be an ideal platform for Gargash General Trading to engage with key clients from government, transportation, automotive, and real estate sectors. Company representatives enthusiastically shared insights into the organization’s forward-thinking EV charging solutions and other energy offerings, addressing queries and demonstrating the company’s commitment to bringing the latest advancements to the UAE market.

We are committed to providing the UAE market with the most advanced and innovative rapid EV charging and other energy solutions. Participating in EVIS 2023 has been an exceptional launchpad for our vision, and the overwhelmingly positive response we received exceeded our expectations.

The success of EVIS 2023 has not only raised the bar for future editions of the summit but has also provided a significant stimulus to the regional EV industry. With the UAE on the brink of rapid expansion in sustainable transportation, Gargash General Trading remains at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions in the region.